Gallery Update: Photoshoot in Marseille (2015)

Back in November when Rose was in Marseille where she attented the Hero Festival 2015, she was photographed by Florian Launette for the press. A few pictures from this photoshoot were in the gallery, and I have just added some exclusive new HQ ones. Be sure to check them here :

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The Star : « From thrones to office chairs for TV star Rose »

THESTAR.CO.UK – Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie is playing another feisty young woman on stage in Sheffield. Rose played warrior Ygritte in the hit series, the love interest of central character Jon Snow, until the character was killed off a couple of years ago.

She said: “I had such a wonderful time. I went to Comic-Con in San Diego, which was a most extraordinary experience and so enjoyable. We did a Q&A in front of 6,000 fans.”

Big-scale TV is just about as different as it gets to theatre in a small studio. Rose is in Sheffield to co-star with Sara Stewart in Mike Bartlett’s play Contractions, which looks at what happens when a young office worker breaks the company rules by starting a relationship with a co-worker. Her character Emma comes under the scrutiny of her manager, who ruthlessly analyses the relationship. Rose said: “Emma starts off as very spirited and ambitious but not in a ruthless way. She’s a determined young woman. She’s intelligent and is blissfully unaware of the troubles that are about to hit her in the way that the corporation bleeds into her life with its needs to know about her personal life. It manipulates her to where she is a shell of the woman she was at the beginning.

The staging, with the two women enclosed in a disc of light, really adds to the atmosphere, even down to the furniture, said Rose. “Sara has a really comfy chair and mine is really uncomfortable with a hard back! It feeds into the character. » She added: “The beauty of the way that Lisa’s staging is it’s in its own entity. It’s a circular stage in the round and we don’t ever really step outside of it.

Rose said that was a perfect way to portray the sparring dialogue between the two actors, written by rising star playwright Mike Bartlett. Mike Bartlett’s play Bull premiered at the Crucible Studio last year wand King Charles III has just been seen at the Lyceum, starring Robert Powell. He also wrote TV thriller Doctor Foster, about a woman’s reaction to her husband’s affair, which is about to go into a second series featuring Rose’s co-star Sara Stewart.

Rose said: “It’s very much me and her playing a game of chess and dancing around each other. Emma has the arrogance of youth and believes she is on the same level as the manager but she gets very chewed up and spat out at the end.” Contractions continues at the Crucible Studio until July 16. Box office: at the theatre, call 0114 249 6000 or go online at Sheffield Theatres (source)

‘Morgan’ Official Trailer

One month after the teaser, an official trailer for Rose’s upcoming movie ‘Morgan’ has been released :


I have also added 48 screencaps of the teaser and the trailer in the gallery :

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Rose Leslie Funny Moments

I have been running Rose Leslie Source for more than 2 years on Tumblr and almost 6 months here, and I wanted to make a gift to you fellow fans of Rose for following on the social media accounts, for being so many to visit this site every day, for your support, for your help, and to celebrate Rose’s ‘amazingness’. As a gift to you and to cheer you up when you feel down, I made a compilation of Rose’s funniest and cutest moments. I hope you’ll enjoy and don’t hesitate to share it!

Sheffield Telegraph : « Wilding comes in from the cold »


SHEFFIELD TELEGRAPH – In the TV epic fantasy series she played feisty Wilding Ygritte with a broad Northern accent but her natural voice reflects her background from an aristocratic Scottish family, a public school education and drama school training. She has come to Sheffield to appear in the regional premiere of Contractions, a play by Mike Bartlett in which an employee undergoes a grilling from her manager because she has started a relationship with a colleague.

The actor says what immediately drew her to the project was the quality of writing by the Olivier Award-winner and creator of TV hit Doctor Foster – “and then hearing that Contractions was being put on up here in Sheffield, I’ve always longed to work at the Crucible.

It is brilliantly funny but also appalling at the same time. It’s quite rare to come across in one sentence something so far-fetched and yet plausible. It’s a brilliant intense piece, reading it you don’t come up for air.” Her experience of the office environment has not been as brutal as that experienced by her character, Emma. “I’ve done reception work in London in between jobs in order to balance auditions but the spotlight never shone on me to this extent. After this, there’s no way I am ever going to set foot in an office,” she laughs.

It is unlikely Rose Leslie will need to resort to that, however, with her Game of Thrones profile. “When I auditioned for season two it was not as established as it is now and in no way the phenomenon it has become,” she explains. “Which is good because in hindsight I would have been petrified at the audition.” And then the role turned out to be a physical experience. “Iceland was a cold and rough terrain, there was a lot of running and climbing up ice walls. It was a different type of intensity from something like this.

Eventually Ygritte got an arrow through the heart. “I was killed by a wee lad at the end of season four when there was a big penultimate battle scene. I was always aware that she would perish because I had read the books before I started. I am still recognised because of the ginger hair but the fact I died a few years ago people are beginning to say, who is that chick?

That may be a touch disingenuous given the fact that the celebrity media remain fascinated by her real-life relationship with co-star Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow. “But in the past it’s always been an awesome experience because a lot of the fans if they do come up are very loyal and passionate and wanting to talk about the show and I think that’s an accolade to Game of Thrones as a whole.” (source)

Rose interviewed by Forge on ‘Contractions’


FORGE – Known to thousands as the fiery Ygritte of Game of Thrones fame, Rose Leslie is much more approachable in reality. Friendly and engaging, she is keen to “have a proper scope around Sheffield” as soon as possible. As I catch her between lunch and a scheduled call from BBC Breakfast, she describes the play as an exciting shift in her career.

I haven’t done theatre for a very long time, but in drama school we did a lot of classical texts. From my experience, this is the most camera-esque theatre acting I’ve done, because there’s so little movement, there’s no physicality. We’re on a disc that we never penetrate, and every minor detail gets picked up, so in that way it does mesh with my experience of camera-work. It’s such an intimate space and an intimate play – it’s very intense”.

The play’s relentless 50 minutes of escalating drama is nothing if not intense, and Rose’s character, Emma, comes under immense pressure as her privacy is increasingly attacked. During her rise to fame, I’m intrigued to find out whether Rose has faced similar pressures from the public eye. “Gosh!”, she exclaims, “Can you imagine, to that extreme? It would be utterly terrible!”. Reassuringly, Rose confirms that she’s never been forced into such an extreme situation, but believes this is because “I’ve been incredibly fortunate with the jobs I’ve worked in and the people I’ve worked with. I feel lucky that I’ve had the older generations to fight for me; they’ve made me realise that it’s OK to speak up”.

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Rose nominated at the Sunday Herald Cultural Awards


Exciting news: Rose has been nominated at the Sunday Herald Cultural Awards in the « Best Actor (screen) » category; she is in competition with James McAvoy, Kate Dickie and Sam Heughan.

The nation’s most celebrated stars, including actors James McAvoy, Kate Dickie, Alan Cumming and Maureen Beattie have been shortlisted for Scotland’s Cultural Oscars – the inaugural Sunday Herald Culture Award.

Those in the running also include Sam Heughan, who rose to fame as Jamie Fraser in cult hit Outlander and Rose Leslie, best known for her roles as Gwen Dawson in Downton Abbey and Ygritte in Game of Thrones.

[…] The awards, which received 120 entries across 11 categories – including Best Actor (screen and theatre), Best Musical Artist and Best Musical Group – feature some of the most prominent people, events and places in Scotland as well as up and coming artists and groups from across the country.

[…] Winners will be announced at a lavish ceremony to be held at the Glasgow venue SWG3 on July 7. An additional Judges Choice award will also be announced at the award ceremony. (source)

More informations on the official website here.

‘Contractions’ Trailer

A trailer for Rose’s upcoming play, Contractions, has been released ! It is described as a ‘darkly funny play about ever-decreasing privacy’. Watch it here :

New Social Media Accounts

Just a quick post about the site’s social accounts : besides Tumblr and Twitter, you can now follow Rose Leslie Source on Instagram and Facebook. You will be able to find Rose’s latest news anywhere ! Note: As my mother tongue is French and as there is also a lot of french fans of Rose, every post on Facebook will be written in both english and french for french fans who wouldn’t be able to get the meaning of english posts. Donc fans français, n’hésitez pas à suivre la page Facebook pour toutes les infos sur Rose en français !

Here are Rose Leslie Source’s social media accounts (click on the picture to visit) :


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« Contractions » Rehearsals

Images have been released showing Rose Leslie and Sara Stewart in rehearsals for Contractions, which opens at the Sheffield Crucible Studio on 23 June (source) :

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