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DreamWorks Shuts Down Ghost Story ‘Haunted’ Weeks Before Start Date

A sad news has been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter today : the movie that Rose was supposed to start filming this month in Boston, the Spielberg’s produced Haunted, has been shut down by Dreamworks and won’t be filmed soon as the director is now off the project. However, « the studio plans to continue developing Haunted based on the original screenplay by the Hayes brothers. » Let’s hope Rose will still be attached to the project when a new director will be found.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – DreamWorks has pulled the plug on Haunted, an under-the-radar movie that was just weeks away from beginning filming. Steven Spielberg and others involved with the project, a ghost tale said to have been inspired by Henry James 1898 The Turn of the Screw, were deeply displeased with a total rewrite of the script by director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Scott Z. Burns (Contagion). DreamWorks is said to have sunk about $5 million into preparing the film, which had a budget of about $17 million.

The film had been greenlighted based on a script by Chad and Carey Hayes (The Conjuring) and Rose Leslie, who played the wilding Ygritte on Game of Thrones, was recently cast to star. Producing were Scott Bernstein and Roy Lee.

But Fresnadillo, collaborating with Burns, turned in a revision that made dramatic changes — including the title, the characters and the action — so as to render the project unrecognizable, according to sources.

There had been some concern about the choice of Fresnadillo, the Spanish director who most recently directed the pilot Falling Water, which has been picked up by USA Network. His best-known film is 2007’s 28 Weeks Later, which grossed $64.2 million worldwide. But a source says that was only after executive producers Danny Boyle and Alex Garland became extensively involved. Still, Spielberg felt that the director had the skills for the project.

The project, which was to shoot under the DreamWorks label, would have been one of the first new projects to move forward since DreamWorks, Amblin and Participant formed the new Amblin Partners late last year, and Dreamworks, after distributing its movies through Disney since 2008, struck a new distribution deal with Universal.

While Fresnadillo is now off the project, the studio hopes to continue to develop it based on the original Hayes brothers’ script.

Erdem & Christopher Kane shows during London Fashion Week

Still in the UK, Rose attended the Erdem Show at the London Fashion Week today (September 19). Later in the day she was also seen at the Christopher Kane show. You can now find a few pictures of these events in the gallery :

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New « Sticky Notes » Poster & US Premiere at The 2016 Calabasas Film Festival

Good news: Sticky Notes will be having its US premiere at the 2016 Calabasas Film Festival on September 22th, and a new poster of the movie has been released! Reminder that Sticky Notes has also been set for the sixth annual Napa Valley Film Festival during Nov. 9-13.


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Apollo Magazine “40 under 40” Party

Yesterday (September 7) Rose went to the third Apollo Magazine “40 under 40” Celebrity Party with partner Kit Harington. The annual 40 Under 40 recognises the young people who are making waves across the art world: this year’s list focused on the Asia Pacific region, following editions for Europe (2014) and the USA (2015). The event was held at Ham Yard Hotel in association with Sophie Macpherson Ltd. Two lovely pictures have been added to the gallery. Edit 04/09/2016 : 4 new pictures added !

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Rose for « The Picture Journal »


A new gorgeous photoshoot of Rose has been released by The Picture Journal, with a behind-the-scenes video :

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They also published a short interview of her :

THE PICTURE JOURNALWhat is something you wish took less time?
I wish blow drying your own hair took less time.

What subject or idea has your perspective shifted or expanded the most from because of a film? It doesn’t have to be one you worked on.
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. My perspective on our universe and planet has shifted dramatically, I find it utterly compelling and fascinating.

From a fan perspective, what film, television show, or album did you anticipate the most or for the longest?
Bear’s Den’s newest album, Red Earth & Pouring Rain – I was longing for it to come out.

What natural phenomena do you find the most compelling or objectively beautiful?
I was fortunate enough to watch the Northern Lights once, the sheer beauty and bewitching power that they held over all of us witnessing it will stay with me forever.

What is a game that you are hopelessly unskilled at but love anyway?
Playing Wink Murder around a table with friends. I’m still trying to master actual winking rather than constantly blinking at someone when I’m trying to kill them!

If you had to pick another given name for yourself, which would you choose?
I’ve always loved the name Theo.

What is the best or worst question you’ve been asked in an audition?
Best Question Ever – “Would you be happy to take scuba diving lessons?”

Is there anything you wish you didn’t know?
Being told the ending of Breaking Bad before I’d watched it myself!

If you could pick any film from history to work on as a crew member – what film and position would you go with?
Any position on the crew of the film Gladiator.

How did you get your first scar?
Riding my bicycle as a kid and flying over the handlebars! I have a scar on my forehead that I’m very proud of.

One of your upcoming projects, Morgan, centers around a young girl raised in a laboratory with super-human capabilities. What scientific study have you found the most interesting to learn more about? Even if it was an unethical study.
Recreating George’s Marvellous Medicine when I was younger with my brothers and sisters. I didn’t learn a lot but it was one of my favourite days ever.

What is one thing you would change about being an actor?
Loneliness on location. (source)

‘Sticky Notes’ to Screen at Napa Valley Film Festival


VARIETY – The West Coast premieres of “The Book of Love” and “Sticky Notes” have been set for the sixth annual Napa Valley Film Festival during Nov. 3-9.

The two titles are part of the 10 films in the Narrative Feature Film lineup for juried competition along with 10 titles in the Documentary Feature competition. The awards ceremonies will take place Nov. 12 at the Lincoln Theater in Yountville. (source)

BBC Radio 1 Interview

Rose was interviewed by Nick Grimshaw this morning (August 24) to talk about Morgan. You can now listen to her interview here (it starts around 02:34:40).

Edit 01/09/2016 : Two new pictures of Rose inside BBC Radio 1 studios have been added to the gallery !

Edit 04/09/2016 : Rose was also interviewed by Nick Bright the same day; the interview was broadcasted today on BBC Radio 1Xtra; you can listen to it here.

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