New « Morgan » Stills

Two new Morgan stills featuring Rose as Dr. Amy Menser have been released, enjoy !



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‘Morgan’ On-Set Interviews

Enjoy this on-set interview in which Rose talks about Morgan and her character Dr. Amy Menser :


InStyle UK Interview

INSTYLEEven though it’s a horror, Morgan is aesthetically very beautiful, with fabulous landscapes shots. Where did you film? Near Belfast in Northern Ireland, which is slightly coincidental given that I filmed some of my three years on Game of Thrones in the same area. It’s a beautiful part of the world and I was very happy to go back.

Did you stay out in the wilderness to keep the theme of isolation up on set? I wish I could tell you I did – that I was gung-ho and daring – but actually, we all went back to a cosy hotel in Belfast every single evening. Sadly, hot baths got the better of me; at the end of each day I wanted to go back to a place of warmth.

How did filming Morgan differ to filming something like Game of Thrones? Obviously there’s the genre. With Game of Thrones you’re not really dealing with anything that is based in reality. You have dragons and magic and all of that. Even though with Morgan your dealing with modified beings – and therefore its not quite grounded in reality- it’s still very much based in the here and the now, which makes the filming experience much more relatable.

You’ve had a varied career and have starred in period drams (Downton Abbey) cop shows (Luther) fantasy (Game of Thrones) and now horror. Is there a genre you’ve yet to cut your teeth in? I would love to do comedy but you have to be phenomenally good. I’m not sure I’m there yet. I can imagine it being so much fun but I don’t think I’ve quite got the gall to go ahead just yet…

You’re American pronunciation in Morgan is spot on, as was your Northern one in Game of Thrones and your ‘common’ maid voice in Downton. Can you nail any accent? I was brought up with two brothers, the eldest who has one hell of an ear for hearing accents and regurgitating them straight away. So I was always in competition with him when we were growing up, it was a case of who could do accents the best. Still, it was brilliant practice and he honed my love of a great accent. I’ve played American characters before so I’ve naturally become more at ease. Still, there are some American words that I cannot get my tongue around but, if you keep it flowing, you are never too far away from the truth.

Your own accent has attracted a fair few comments… I know! I don’t know if I’ve ever acted using my normal accent so people are always rather suprised to hear how I talk (Ed: it’s very posh.) People say how come I’m from Scotland yet I sound like the Queen?! I went to boarding school in Somerset, which has probably got something to do with it.

First we had Humans that was about artificial life, and now we have Morgan. Do you think A.I is going to become a reality in our lifetime? A couple of weeks prior to getting my hands on the script for Morgan, I’d been reading about hotels in China where the receptionists are robotic. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Then, when doing my research for the role in Morgan, I also found out that bioengineering is becoming ever more prevalent which fascinates me. I think it’s going to be something we hear more and more of. I loved Humans – it was so creepy! – but would I have a synth? I just don’t know… (source)

Rose on ITV’s This Morning

Besides giving an interview on the radio, Rose also was on ITV’s This Morning today to promote Morgan. You can listen to her interview below and I’ve also started to add some pictures of her at the studio in the gallery. She looked gorgeous with her new haircut !


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BBC Radio 1 Interview

Rose was interviewed by Nick Grimshaw this morning to talk about Morgan. You can now listen to her interview here (it starts around 02:34:40).

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New « Morgan » teaser

Morgan is released in almost two weeks so a lot of things related to it are being released ! Enjoy the latest teaser below (we can see some new shots of Rose) :

New « Morgan » still and interview

A new lovely still of Rose in Morgan has been released, as well as a short interview in which she talks about her character, psychoanalist Amy :


In the gripping, fast-paced action “Morgan” directed by Luke Scott, Kate Mara along with Rose Leslie and Michelle Yeoh star in a a thrilling, visceral and intense movie-going experience that explores the dangers of reproducing a human being far more advance than its creators.

In “Morgan,” Rose Leslie plays psychoanalyst Amy who also has a strong connection to Morgan, though her love for it, is “narcissistic, because Amy is mirroring who she is onto Morgan,” explains Rose Leslie, who portrays Amy. “It’s a scary, double-edged sword in the way she loves Morgan because Amy sees herself in Morgan. Amy truly believes she’s embodying Morgan with a soul. For Amy, it’s all about possessiveness.

The judgment of all the team members has been affected not only by their attachment to their experiment, but by their isolation from the outside world. “They’ve all been in this bubble for five years, so their sense of reality is diminished,” says Leslie. “They spend almost all their time watching Morgan, as if she were in this exotic fishbowl.” (source)


New still of « Morgan » in Empire UK

Empire UK has released a new still of Rose and Anya Taylor Joy in Morgan and you can now find the scan in the gallery. Thank you to Kit Harington Web for the help !


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Do you have questions for Rose ?

I am pleased to announce that Rose Leslie Source has teamed up with, the world’s first crowd interviewing platform where you ask your heroes or favorite celebrities things you’ve always wanted to know.

You can leave your question to Rose (nothing disrespectful or invasive, please) here, and later a list of the best ones will be selected and redirected to her. I will keep you updated on any news I will get about this project.

So if you get a question for Rose, now is the time to ask ! Ready ? Send away ! 🙂


New ‘Morgan’ Stills

The first stills featuring Rose in one of her latest projects ‘Morgan’, starring Kate Mara and Ana Taylor Joy have been added to the gallery. The movie will hit theaters on September 2, 2016.

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