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‘Hope Reborn’ Music Video in support of MS Society and Overcoming MS

Rose stars in the new music video from classical composer and film director Fabio D’Andrea created in partnership with charities Overcoming MS and the MS Society. She gives a powerful performance as Amy, a young woman living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Don’t miss the video just below and if you can, please consider downloading the single to help raise funds for both charities – it costs less than 1$ !

Here is what Rose said about the project : I’ve been an avid supporter of the fantastic MS Society for a while now. I felt like this was a wonderful opportunity to educate people who know little about multiple sclerosis. When they watch the video, I hope that they are enlightened about the invisible symptoms.
During filming we met some fantastic volunteers from the MS Society and from Overcoming MS who were kind enough to share their first-hand experiences of living with the condition. It was really important to us that the portrayal of the condition in the video was as authentic as possible.
I really hope that the video will provide a positive message to anyone who does have this condition – that it’s still possible to live a full life. »

Gorgeous behind the scenes pictures and screen captures have also been added to the gallery.

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