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‘The Good Fight’ Team on Confronting « Trump Fatigue » in Season 2

The Hollywood Reporter has released a new very interesting article in which Rose speaks about what’s coming for her character Maia Rindell in The Good Fight’s second season, coming on CBS All Access in early 2018 :

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER –  […] Diane won’t be the only facing tough questions in season two. After she was arrested in the final moments of the season one finale, Maia (Rose Leslie) will have a lot to think about when she faces trial in season two for her connection to her parents’ Ponzi scheme.

« There needed to be a point, I felt, thereby Maia was no longer going to continue victimizing herself. There had to be a point of her confronting everything that was in front of her and realizing that… her father is never going to change, » Leslie says. « Either she cuts him out of her life or is she forever going to be beholden to the Rindell name, to the scandal and never move on from it. I felt it was a very positive, healthy move for Maia to have this trial happen. »

Maia will have already spent time behind bars when season two picks up, but unlike Cary Agos’ jail stint during season six of The Good Wife, Maia won’t appear in an orange jumpsuit. « It is just me in my office clothes which once again are incredibly fitted and flattering so no complaints from me, » Leslie says with a laugh.

However, Maia (and subsequently Leslie) will be sporting an electronic ankle monitor. Leslie called wearing the monitor an « incredibly sobering » experience. « Knowing that I can feel that weight on my leg every day is a very nice constant reminder for me as an actress, » she says.

On the bright side for Maia, however, « there is a strengthening to her, » Leslie explains. « It’s given way to a hardening of sorts and we see that reflected in her body language. »

Cush Jumbo, whose character Lucca Quinn serves as Maia’s attorney, is also excited to see what’s to come for Maia as she emerges from the shadow of the scandal. « The storyline of Maia being dragged into her parents’ scandal is going to be wrapped up in a really brilliant way which I think is going to enable us to start to see her as her own person and not just an extended version of her family, » Jumbo says.

Robert promises « no one will be disappointed or left hanging » when it comes to the Rindell family saga, « but we also were aware of wanting other stories to dominate too so you’ll see it answered in what we think is a very satisfying way. It will not be dramatically thrown aside. It is there, it’s part of Maia’s makeup. »

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