Frequently Asked Questions

    • How can I contact Rose ?
      The only way to contact her is to send her fan mail at this adress.


    • Does Rose have Instagram or Twitter ?
      She said during an interview that she wasn’t using any social media (@RoseELeslie is a fake Twitter account). She only has an official Facebook page here run by her team. All other social media accounts you can find are fan accounts.


  • What is [insert a movie/tv show in which Rose has played here] about ?
    I advise you to have a look here. You will find all informations about Rose’s projects !


  • Are Rose and Kit Harington dating ?
    Yes. They have officially announced their engagement in September 2017 and got married in June 2018. However, note that this is a gossip-free fansite and I’m not interested in talking about and judging their private life, so this topic won’t be discussed here, and pictures of Kit and Rose taken by paparazzi or by fans without their consent won’t be posted in the gallery. It will only be mentioned if they talk about it themselves during interviews.
  • Do you make a profit ?
    No, I run the site and its social media accounts freely and don’t make any money from it, while I have to pay for the host, domain name, and fansite themes, that’s why donations are greatly appreciated. I’m doing it because I am a fan of Rose and it makes me happy to give other fans a great place to keep themselves updated on her career.
  • Can I take the pictures in the gallery ?
    You are free to save any photos in the gallery. I don’t claim ownership of any pictures that are in the gallery, but uploading pictures, making scans and screen captures is a time-consuming process and sometimes cost money, so a link or credit back to the site (when reposting to Tumblr or others) is greatly appreciated.
  • Have you ever met Rose ?
    I have never met her, sadly. I live in France so it’s not easy but I hope I’ll be able to meet her one day if she comes here or if I go to the UK, and my absolute dream is to see her perform on stage.