I have created Rose Leslie Source because it seemed unfair to me that there was so little on internet about my favorite actress and because I wanted her work and talent to get more recognition. Since the beginning it has always been really important to me to make the site, the gallery and the social accounts as pleasant and complete as I can – but updating and taking care of everything takes time and costs money. It’s also important to me that the fansite remains ad-free (I can’t chose what the ads are and it’s quite annoying) which costs money while I’m taking care of Rose Leslie Source (the website and gallery as well as all the social media accounts) for free.


Even though I’ll always enjoy taking care of the site that way (as long as I can), I’ve created a ko-fi account : if you appreciate the site and want to help, you can donate a few dollars (or euros or british pounds or australian dollars) by “buying a cup of coffee” which means donating 3$ (you can buy as many as you want). You just have to create a Paypal account or use your current one if you have one and click here. I will directly receive this cup of coffee (= 3 dollars) which will help to pay the host (which I have to pay monthly), the domain name (which I pay yearly), and to buy pictures and themes to make the site as pleasant and complete as possible. I know that not everyone can afford to make donations, but if some of you wish and are able to help and to show their support by buying this cup of coffee, that would be hugely appreciated and I would forever be grateful to you.


You can also help by donating pictures. Here are the other donations you can send to to make the gallery as complete as possible :
– fan pictures you took with Rose or pictures you took of her yourself at events or conventions
– event or photoshoot pictures missing in the gallery
– any pictures (in medium or high quality) you found on internet which isn’t in the gallery
– screen captures of tv shows or movies missing in the gallery
– magazine scans about Rose

All donations (money or pictures) are credited on the site, and I will gladly do something for you in return like wallpapers, gifs or icons to thank you for your help. Just mention your name when making a donation or send me a message with your name.  And if you’re not able to do any of this, which is totally ok, know that your nice words and your interest in the site and Rose mean as much to me as donations would. Thank you for reading and visiting ♥