The Time Traveler’s Wife

♦ Character: Clare Abshire
♦ Created by: Steven Moffat
♦ Other cast: Theo James, Desmin Borges, Natasha Lopez…
♦ Premiere date: 2022
♦ Genre: Drama, Fantasy
♦ Running time:
♦ Appearances: Season 1
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The Time Traveler’s Wife tells the story of Henry DeTamble, a dashing, adventuresome librarian who has a genetic disorder that makes him travel involuntarily through time, and Clare Abshire, an artist who falls in love with him and has to deal with his condition. Henry and Clare’s passionate love affair endures across a sea of time and captures the two lovers in an impossibly romantic trap.


Clare Abshire is fiery, clever and unstoppable – and for most of her life she’s had an amazing secret. Since she was six years old, Clare has had an imaginary friend: a kind and funny man, sometimes old, sometimes young, who appears in the woods behind her house and tells her tales of the future. Visits from the mysterious Henry are the bright spots in the tedium of her childhood. As the years pass, and she grows into a beautiful young woman, she starts to realize her friend is not imaginary – he’s a time traveler, visiting from the future. And he’s not just from any old future – he’s from her future. Clare has a literal date with destiny. One day she’s going to meet a young man called Henry DeTamble – whom she’ll know very well but who won’t recognize her at all – and she will become the time traveler’s wife.

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