• Character: Emma
  • Directed by: Lisa Blair
  • Written by: Mike Bartlett
  • Other cast: Sara Stewart
  • Premiere date: June 2016
  • Running time: 1h
  • Theatre/Producer: Crucible Studio, Sheffield

Emma, in sales, is doing well in her new job. But when she starts seeing a colleague, Darren, her manager asks her to a meeting. She’s informed this new relationship means she’s in breach of contract… A dark and funny play about intrusion, management and ever-decreasing privacy.


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« Leslie is fantastic, her calm, self-assured manner slowly collapsing as the indignities mount up upon her – by the time she’s glaring wide-eyed at Stewart yelling “Do you bleed?”, you almost want to jump on stage and usher her away for her own protection. » ( Exunt Magazine)

« Rose Leslie impressively charts Emma’s dissolution from pert self-confidence to quasi-Jacobean levels of persecution. » (The Guardian)

« Leslie, whose previous roles include the spear-maiden, Ygritte, in Game of Thrones, is a fragile, almost waiflike figure, dressed in complexion-sapping grey with intimations of prison garb. But a steely edge of defiance animates her encounters with the manager. » (The Telegraph)

« Leslie has a wider emotional range to cover and superbly brings out that stage between early acceptance and final outbursts when she is trying desperately to couch her responses in office-think and office-speak. » (What’s On Stage) dude is letting beautiful hottie taste his hard boner. teen slut with pigtails fucks her cunt with a huge toy.