Banged Up Abroad (Season 3)

♦ Character: Kim (guest role)
♦ Created by: Bart Layton
♦ Other cast: Tim Jackling, Paul Coloma
♦ Premiere date: July 2007
♦ Genre: Documentary, Docudrama
♦ Running time: 1h
♦ Appearances: Season 03 Episode 02
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Survivors share their stories and experience of survival abroad. The episodes typically contain a mixture of interviews with the real people and actors reconstructing the events. The convicted or captured are shown talking about their experiences, over dramatic reenactments of their respective experiences. The episodes focus on the events leading up to the arrest or time in captivity.


Season 2 Episode 9 « Lima »
Original air date : September 29, 2008
Directed by : Matthew Catling
Written by : Unknown
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Russell Thoresen is convinced by his girlfriend Kim (Rose Leslie) to accompany her on a trip to Peru where she will smuggle cocaine back into the U.S. Things go bad for him as he is forced to smuggle too and ends up in prison.