Rose Interviewed for “Stylist Magazine” (Issue 523, 23 September 2020)
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Rose Interviewed for “Stylist Magazine” (Issue 523, 23 September 2020)

Rose has started promoting her upcoming movie “Death on the Nile”, set to be released next month, with a new interview (finally !) for Stylist Magazine. No new pictures were featured in this issue, but stay tuned for more interviews and photoshoots in the coming weeks ! 🙂

Like most of us, lockdown forced Rose Leslie into a period of reflection. Ahead of her new Agatha Christie adaptation, the actor shares what she learned with Stylist.

If I come across a lake or stream I’m always drawn to jumping in and immersing myself in the cold water; it’s a thrill.” Rose Leslie is telling Stylist about her love of cold water swimming, which she braves, without a wetsuit, year-round.

It’s one of the reasons she’s excited about returning to Glasgow next week to resume filming new BBC drama Vigil (which was paused for – well, you know why: the c-word), a police thriller by the creators of Bodyguard, likely to air in 2021. Leslie stars alongside Suranne Jones, as they investigate the disappearance of a fishing trawler and a death on a nuclear submarine. It’s not only the water that draws her back north of the border, it also feels like home. Leslie was raised in a castle in Aberdeenshire, although she now lives in London with her husband Kit Harington, also an actor, and the whippet puppy they have been raising during lockdown.

The last few months have been a time to reflect on her fast-paced life and a career that has been as varied and chameleon-like as any young actor might hope for, taking in huge American dramas Game Of Thrones (she met Harington on set) and The Good Fight and hit British shows including Downton Abbey and Luther. Next month we’ll see her in Death On The Nile, an all-star cinematic adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel. In conversation, Leslie is as refreshing as that cold water she likes to throw herself into. She’s smart, funny and open, and our chat runs from anxiety and social media insecurity to the joy of Daisy Cooper in This Country.


“The appeal was not only to work with Sir Kenneth Branagh, but who doesn’t love an Agatha Christie? Detective stories are right up my street. I’ve always found it quite cathartic that justice is served at the end. It’s also the decadence of Agatha Christie and her world, the costumes are so fabulous and the world is so polished. It’s a warm hug.”


“No. I can work it out several pages before [the reveal] but that’s it. I remember reading Big Little Lies and a good friend worked out that it was the horrendous abusive husband. That had not landed with me. Despite revelling in those books, I’m not good at sussing them out.”


“I’d definitely take the first comment because it makes me sound far more intelligent. There is that idea of being immersed in a tale. The onus is taken off the reader to figure out who the murderer is, you’re just along for the ride and that’s a pure joy.”


“Firstly, I feel incredibly grateful. My husband and I were fortunate to spend lockdown in the countryside. Having birdsong and greenery and hedgerows was such a blessing. We raised a puppy in lockdown. We were trying to eke out conversation over the dinner table, talking about nothing but what we should eat the next day. It has been an extraordinary time for all of us; it certainly slowed us down. I have become aware of why I love London so much: it has to do with the abundance of distractions that we have readily available. If you don’t have bars and restaurants or theatres or museums, if there isn’t that distraction, then you have to confront your thoughts. Which is something that we humans are very good at burying. It’s been a real eye-opener. It’s not been productive in a way that I’ve actually done anything, but it’s been mindful.”


“It brings me peace. It feels like a sinking stone from the throat being dropped in a delicate way to the pit of my stomach. There is a grounding. I feel reassured by green spaces and I feel calmer because of that. It sends me into a peaceful mindset that I wish I could hold on to once I leave the park. It gives me 20 minutes of reassurance that we’re plodding along and some worries don’t feel as big when you’re confronted by a massive oak that’s been there for 400 years.”


“Kit and I, we were in the countryside and [initially] revelled in the idea that ‘this is going to last for three weeks, let’s lap it up’. But my inability to slow down reminded me of what happens if I’m lucky enough to go on a holiday; it takes me 10 days to come out of my fast pace of life, and then I begin to relax, by which point I’m on the way back home. With lockdown I had to confront just how wired I had become and that possibly wasn’t serving me in the right way. If it weren’t for the six months of being forced to slow down, I know I would have carried on. So, while I’m not claiming I’m not experiencing mental exhaustion any more, I felt it far greater back in March.”


“I’m a relatively private person, and always have been. I remember being in the drama school common room and people saying have you heard about Facebook? [But she didn’t join up]. It sounds corny, but I know me. And I am anxious. I’m an anxious lady. And I have always felt that it would be adding to that anxiety. I know that I would respond by thinking, ‘Oh God, I’m boring to the people who have followed me. I’m not saying anything witty enough.’ I would break myself down in a negative way that just doesn’t serve me. I recognise that now that I’m 33. I wouldn’t have recognised that when I was in my 20s, but there was a gut instinct of knowing it wouldn’t serve my mental health. That was coupled with the idea, and I’m not saying that this is correct, that if one wants to be considered a versatile actor, then the more mysterious one appears, the more one would be able to morph into the roles I wished to achieve. And now with hindsight, I feel that ship has sailed for me. I’m way behind the tide.”


“I have always been drawn to accents so I’d like to be able to delve into that more. There is a different stance, a different body language that I take on with another dialect. And that is a wonderful gateway into a character. It’s also more enjoyable than my own voice.”


“It does. Growing up in the countryside near Aberdeen has instilled not only the love of the landscape but also that peace in seeing nothing on the horizon. And I love cold water swimming; running into the North Sea, which is freezing. I read an article that it kick starts your immune system and helps alleviate anxiety and stress so I’m trying to prove that.”


“I have always been incredibly grateful towards Game Of Thrones because it opened up this cavernous cave of wonderful projects. That is coupled with the fact that I’m now married, having met a wonderful person on the show. It was so much fun to get muddied up, have a bow and arrow, fake furs and do that accent. It was wonderful to be a part of it.”


“I’m currently obsessed with Des. We are two episodes in and I have been blown away. Anyone that has spoken to me for the last 48 hours will hear nothing but how sensational it is. I wish we had saved Succession for lockdown, but we polished it off in February. Oh my lord! The most enthralling drama. I love Tom, and cousin Greg. And I think This Country is the funniest show I’ve ever seen. I got super excited when I saw Daisy [Cooper] and her dad on Celebrity Gogglebox.”

You know nothing… about Rose Leslie’s Game of Thrones cave scene with Kit Harington
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You know nothing… about Rose Leslie’s Game of Thrones cave scene with Kit Harington

Ahead of Game of Thrones’ final season, Entertainment Weekly asked Rose to look back on filming the cave scene with Kit Harington and Ygritte’s famous catchphrase. Here are the lovely things she had to say :

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLYBefore Rose Leslie married her Game of Thrones costar Kit Harington, they were just Ygritte and Jon Snow. The pair connected on the HBO fantasy drama and, through their performances, proved their chemistry extended beyond the screen. In the lead-up to the final season of Thrones (premiering April 14), Leslie looks back at one of her steamiest moments with Harington — and the phrase she can’t bring herself to say to her husband.

ROSE LESLIE: I remember that scene took a day and it was a closed set, so only the amount of people who were essential to the filming were allowed to be present. It was such a moment for the two lovers to finally come together, and the promiscuous side of Ygritte was wanting to teach Jon Snow a few things. There was a lot of fun to be had in terms of her demeanor and the way she held herself. I remember enjoying this side of her. She was a lot of talk, but she ended up walking the walk. I felt very safe, and I remember enjoying that day just because it was a different element for both of those characters. And then we also got to jump into some hot water, so that’s always fun. We were pretty open to the elements, and being able to jump into the water, that was rather enjoyable.

[Harington] was, as ever, a gentleman, and he made sure that I was comfortable where he was going to be positioned, and he would always then turn around when they called cut and the lovely wardrobe dailies would come in with a dressing gown, and then I would be covered. And only then would notes be spoken to us from the director. But he was very considerate and made sure as much as possible that I didn’t feel awkward standing in front of people with your tits out. So it’s never going to be an enjoyable day, it’s always going to be an awkward one, but he and the rest of the crew were incredibly considerate, and it’s a conversation that we most certainly had in terms of where the boundaries lay.

A lot has been reported on how Leslie now feels about her Ygritte catchphrase, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

LESLIE: About the line, truly, I feel incredibly privileged to have a catchphrase whereby, especially for the last few years, it’s been around me. How lucky for any actor to walk away from a television show and have a catchphrase, but I’m sure many people find it the most irritating thing in the world, but there are still some people who find it fairly endearing. I think between he and I, no, we never say it to one another for obvious reasons — and not just ’cause it’s corny. We came across a mug with the catchphrase on as we were doing our Christmas shopping the other month. It’s such a phenomenon, though.

Entertainment Weekly March 8, 2019 Issue : New Promotional Still and Cast Interview
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Entertainment Weekly March 8, 2019 Issue : New Promotional Still and Cast Interview

Entertainment Weekly’s new issue features an article about The Good Fight’s upcoming season ; scans from the magazine as well as a new still of Rose as Maia Rindell can be found in the gallery. Here’s what is said about Rose’s character and Roland Blum, played by Michael Sheen :

Blum “is like a cancer”, says Michelle King, and his first victim – or perhaps we should say “acolyte” – is Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie), who’s feeling underappreciated at work. “He takes her under his wing, kind of against her will”, says Sheen. Maia, says Leslie, “is in awe of the way Roland Blum operates. He’s devious and corrupt, and Maia feels that may be the path for her. She’s tackling some big moral issues inside her head.”

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How The Good Fight Offers a Break From Reality…With a Donald Trump Twist
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How The Good Fight Offers a Break From Reality…With a Donald Trump Twist

A new article about ‘The Good Fight’ Season 2 featuring a short interview of Rose has been released today on E! News :

For Rose Leslie, another actor from across the pond, The Good Fight’s political stories keep her informed. The former Game of Thrones star, who currently plays attorney Maia Rindell on the CBS All Access series, praised co-creators Robert and Michelle King for the way they bring in politics because “as a result it asks audiences to question their particularly values or beliefs, it doesn’t ram them down their throats.

But it makes one query that particular stance in life and I think that can only ever be a good thing and it can only ever bode well for conversations to happen and for one to have an open mind and to accept these opinions and question your own beliefs,” Leslie said during a recent phone interview. “I think that is incredibly important for the world we live in currently.”

The Good Fight drops new episodes Sundays on CBS All Access. (source)

Rose on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’
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Rose on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

Yesterday, our Rose attended her first american talk-show and appeared on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ ! She talked about joining ‘The Good Fight’, her family’s opinion on her career choice, avoiding ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers, the prank Kit did to her on last year’s April Fools’ Day and… Brita water filters. (And she looked absolutely gorgeous.)

Below you can find a video of Rose’s whole appearance and interview including an exclusive clip from ‘The Good Fight’ upcoming episode which was shown last night, 10 HQ pictures of Rose arriving at NBC studio where the show was taped, and 5 HQ pictures of her during the interview. Enjoy !

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‘The Good Fight’ Is TV’s Audacious, Intersectional Answer to Life Under Trump
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‘The Good Fight’ Is TV’s Audacious, Intersectional Answer to Life Under Trump

More news today ! A great new article about ‘The Good Fight’ has been published by The Advocate today and it includes a short interview of Rose :

THE ADVOCATE – Leslie’s character, Maia Rindell, who is Diane’s goddaughter, is a lesbian. Trump’s disdain for LGBT people was made clear in his pick of dangerously homophobic Mike Pence as his right-hand man as well as his support of allowing businesses to discriminate against LGBT people. But when Leslie took the role of an inexperienced attorney, marriage equality had been approved by the Supreme Court, President Obama was in office, and Maia’s sexuality was just an aspect of her character.

Leslie isn’t aware of any upcoming plotlines that put Maia’s sexuality front and center, but she’s inspired by the show’s willingness to go headlong into difficult subjects even when she personally feels overwhelmed by the news cycle.

With regards to her relationship and her love life, we haven’t seen a lot of kind of turmoil, so I think that is an incredibly interesting aspect in the storyline to explore,” Leslie says. “There was a moment where I just thought I wanted to bury my head in the sand because there was a sense of being overwhelmed [by the news]. However, I fundamentally believe in being informed.” (source)

Rose Leslie on Her ‘The Good Fight’ Evolution and Staying ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoiler Free
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Rose Leslie on Her ‘The Good Fight’ Evolution and Staying ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoiler Free

A new interview of Rose which you can read below has been released by E! Online today, and several new posters and HQ stills from ‘The Good Fight’ Season 2 Episode 2 have also been added to the gallery here, enjoy !

E! ONLINE – Rose Leslie is no stranger to playing characters facing indomitable odds on television, now her turn as Maia Rindell on The Good Fight has the actress facing them in a TV courtroom.Leslie made a splash on Downton Abbey as Gwen, a housemaid who longed for a better life outside of the downstairs. Her character eventually left the service industry with the help of Lady Sybil. To American viewers, she followed up Downton Abbey with Game of Thrones where she played Ygritte, the Wildling warrior and romantic interest for Jon Snow (played by her real-life fiancé Kit Harington). The character was adorned in furs with a dirt smudged face, slung bows and arrows and charged into battles with the best of them. Now, Leslie’s TV battles are little more civilized, but which does she find the more formidable character?

“Well, I think they’re two very, very different characters. The physique that one has to adopt in high heel shoes—automatically your shoulders are kind of pushed back because you’re trying to walk in them and your core strength is being used. I think that that informs the kind of body language on screen, and I think that as a formidable character it’s going to be hard to counteract that if you’re going to be, I don’t know, wrapped up in furs and running over a hill. I find both of them formidable in their own unique ways,” Leslie said.

With Maia, there’s a sharpness to the world of The Good Fight and the beautiful outfits we get to wear absolutely inform the kind of determination we have, kind of episodically speaking with all six court cases that we find ourselves in. So I think the shoes, the clothes and the hairstyles and the kind of badass outfits that we get to wear definitely help getting across as a formidable presence,” she continued.

Season one of The Good Fight ended with Leslie’s Maia Rindell facing arrest following several twists in the investigation into the financial scam perpetrated by Maia’s parents (played by Paul Guilfoyle and Bernadette Peters). Leslie’s character, a lawyer just out of law school, faced a baptism by fire during her first season. She’s changed by the experience.

She had an absolutely kind of awful time of it in season one…All aspects of her life were crumbling, and yet what I love and what has inspired me about her, is that she’s managed to kind of spin that incredibly traumatic experience into what essentially is the makings of her,” Leslie said. “I think that’s very noteworthy because in life it’s easier to admit defeat, but there has now been a turning point within Maia and a realization that the dilemma that she has managed to kind of get through has allowed for an opportunity for her to mature and evolve as a woman.

One thing that hasn’t changed about Maia is the way her sexual orientation is portrayed on screen. Maia is a lesbian on the series, but her sexuality does not define her. It’s just a matter of fact.

What I enjoyed about Maia is that yes, it doesn’t define her, it’s how I feel sexuality should always be portrayed on TV. So I feel that it is written and the way the character presents herself, I don’t necessarily feel responsibility simply because you are who you are and as a result there’s no need to project or kind of milk the situation or the sexuality. It just is what it is, and that simplicity is something that I hold in high regard because it should be accepted and one should move on and be regarded for their actions rather than their sexual orientation,” Leslie said.

Season two of the CBS All Access series will continue to mine the current political landscape for drama, but will also introduce a new layer: Lawyers are scared, not for their paycheck, but for their lives.

There’s an overarching sense within this season of the lawyers being targeted and killed by disgruntled clients and they all have their own reasons as well for targeting us as a law firm. I think the brilliance of undertone of fear and that makes people react in all sorts of different manners. And I think the challenges with Maia is for her to keep her head above it all, carry on working and carry on fighting for what she believes in. There’s a resolve to her character,” Leslie said. “She is kind of searching for a mentor and finds it in Liz Reddick [Audra McDonald] and I think that speaks volumes of her and who she wants to become and evolve into…She’s no longer the kind of vulnerable girl. There’s a transition that you see in her and that’s exciting to the audience as well.

Leslie has her own challenges as well. She’s in Brooklyn, New York filming The Good Fight while husband-to-be Harington is overseas filming the final season of Game of Thrones. The wedding planning is still ongoing, and figuring out “tiny little details” over FaceTime or email “is hard” and the distance “does make things a little bit trickier, but no, for the most part we agreed on most things,” she said with a laugh. “Which is good.

And a message to fans, one she made clear to her Good Fight cast and crew from the beginning: Don’t ask her for Game of Thrones spoilers.

Oh, Chris! I’ve hands down said from the beginning, sadly as season eight is now being shot I don’t want to know anything about Game of Thrones in terms of any spoilers and what the storyline is going to be. I want to be sitting down on my sofa along with the rest of world, as excited and as pumped. Genuinely, I don’t have a clue! I don’t have a clue and I’m very happy about that because all of this anticipation, all of this building up is just going to be so satisfying when we finally get to watch the first episode,” she said with a laugh. (source)

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Watch! Magazine January/February 2018 Issue Scans, Outtakes & Behind-the-Scenes Video
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Watch! Magazine January/February 2018 Issue Scans, Outtakes & Behind-the-Scenes Video

It was announced last month that Rose would be on the cover of the January/February 2018 Issue of CBS’ Watch! Magazine. Many gorgeous pictures have been released to keep us waiting and today the issue is finally out ! You can find all the scans of the issue featuring Rose and read her interview in the gallery :

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Two behind-the-scenes videos have also been released, one where Style Director Sasha Charnin Morrison shared how she dressed Rose, and an interview of Rose on set of the photoshoot:

Rose Leslie reveals how Kit Harington’s surprise proposal really went down
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Rose Leslie reveals how Kit Harington’s surprise proposal really went down

As you already know, Rose & her partner Kit Harington officially announced their engagement in The Times three weeks ago (yay !). Kit had spoken about it on The Jonathan Ross show recently (and showed a funny video of Rose reacting to a very scary April Fools’ prank which you can watch here), and today it is Rose’s version of the proposal which has been released :

NOW TO LOVE – Our favourite Game of Thrones couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are going to tie the knot, and we’re sure it’s going to be nothing like the Red Wedding. But while we’ve all heard Kit’s side of the story of how the proposal actually happened, we haven’t heard it from Rose.
Speaking exclusively to TV WEEK, the actress assumed Kit would propose in Iceland during a holiday next month.

For Thanksgiving we happen to be going to Iceland, which is obviously a country we have many memories from and we both independently love,” she revealed. “I felt sure that was when it was going to be. I was confident to the max.” So when Kit popped the question well before their trip, Rose was shocked. “I was blissfully surprised when he dropped to a knee and asked me to marry him,” she said. “We happened to be in the English countryside, which is kind of an area that I don’t know that well. It was at night time under a beautiful blanket of stars … The man did well. It was highly romantic.

According to Kit AKA Jon Snow, he fumbled his way through the romantic moment. Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, he said his grand plans didn’t get carried out the way he’d hoped.

“I was going to string up some lights in some trees and do all the romantic stuff, but we were in the country and we were under this beautiful night sky and had a log fire burning and red wine and I blew my load early,” he said before laughing at what he’d insinuated. “Sorry that’s a really bad expression!” he continued. “I was meant to do it the day after with the lights. What I meant to say was, I popped my question a bit early.”

While Rose’s GoT character Ygritte was killed (by her real-life fiancé, no less) in season four, Rose tells TV WEEK she’s still heavily involved with the cast and community. “Yes, I still very much consider myself a part of the family. I love experiencing that world again and going to see them on the sets.”

Rose plays lawyer Maia Rindell on the drama series The Good Fight and will soon be filming season two. (source)

The Good Wife spin-off courting all new dramas
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The Good Wife spin-off courting all new dramas

The Good Fight is currently airing in Australia on SBS and a new interview of Rose was released in The Chronicle to promote the show there. I have added the scans to the gallery and you can read the interview below :

THE CHRONICLE – While her real-life partner battles White Walkers on Game of Thrones, Rose Leslie is taking up the good fight in the courtroom. The Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones star, famous for her line ‘You know nothing Jon Snow’, joins the returning cast of The Good Wife in the new spin-off The Good Fight.

Picking up one year after the events of the final episode of The Good Wife, a financial scam has destroyed the reputation of young lawyer Maia Rindell (Rose), while simultaneously wiping out her mentor and godmother Diane Lockhart’s (Christine Baranski) savings.

I was aware, certainly, of The Good Wife,” Rose tells The Guide. “It had been on for seven years. I came quite late to the party, but girlfriends of mine had been speaking about it for a while. I was really excited (about The Good Fight), mainly because it meant I could work with Christine, and because it’s a very familiar universe where we get to create new characters.

In the show’s first episode, which premiered last night, Maia is navigating her first day as a lawyer at Christine’s law firm when her father is arrested. As the news of his investment fund’s crash and alleged fraud hits the news, it turns Maia’s world upside down. “When we first meet her she’s fighting to stay sane,” Rose says. “The name Rindell used to bring with it so much respect and clout; it’s all she’s ever known. Then to have this enormous turnaround and for it to be tarnished and disgraced is such a mortifying experience.

That jarring reality of suddenly you wake up and your world is no longer what you’ve known for 26 years was one thing that piqued my interest when I read the pilot. It’s a fantastic premise.” Both she and Diane must forge new futures for themselves if they are going to weather the storm. “Maia has to dig deeper than she ever has within herself, and the passion she has for the law is possibly the last resort she has to hold her head up high,” she says.

There’s a strong desire to carve her own way in the world… and a determination in this young woman that I was very much drawn to.

There’s a resilience within her that builds up by the end of the first season.

I had always wanted to work with the Kings (writers Robert and Michelle King). They are incredible at writing court dramas and they write so vividly. They make sure their characters are flawed and imperfect.” (source)

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