‘The Good Fight’ Season 3 Promotional Photoshoot
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‘The Good Fight’ Season 3 Promotional Photoshoot

After the episodes stills of the first two episodes, the promotional photoshoot of The Good Fight’s third season has been released ! You can now find two HQ pictures in the gallery. A couple of lovely behind the scenes pictures have also been shared by Rose’s make up artist on the show. Reminder that the season, who will have 10 episodes, will premiere on March 14th on CBS All Access (on a Thursday, unlike the previous years when the episodes were released on Sundays).

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Happy 31st Birthday Rose !
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Happy 31st Birthday Rose !

Rose is celebrating her 31st birthday today (February 9), I hope she is having a wonderful day and that this year will bring her happiness in both her professional and personal life! ♥

She celebrated her birthday on set of The Good Fight (the second season is currently filming in NYC), as shown in a lovely video shared by actor Mark Tallman on his Instagram account :

The Good Fight Twitter account has also posted a gorgeous promotional portrait of her – but that’s not the only addition you can find in the gallery as I have updated many albums of past events, I hope you will enjoy!

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Watch! Magazine January/February 2018 Issue Scans, Outtakes & Behind-the-Scenes Video
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Watch! Magazine January/February 2018 Issue Scans, Outtakes & Behind-the-Scenes Video

It was announced last month that Rose would be on the cover of the January/February 2018 Issue of CBS’ Watch! Magazine. Many gorgeous pictures have been released to keep us waiting and today the issue is finally out ! You can find all the scans of the issue featuring Rose and read her interview in the gallery :

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Two behind-the-scenes videos have also been released, one where Style Director Sasha Charnin Morrison shared how she dressed Rose, and an interview of Rose on set of the photoshoot:

Rose for CBS Watch! Magazine
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Rose for CBS Watch! Magazine

If you’re following the site on Twitter or Instagram, you might remember seeing a behind the scenes picture of Rose from an upcoming photoshoot for CBS’ Watch! Magazine shared almost two months ago… The first pictures have finally been released yesterday and Rose looks absolutely gorgeous. More pictures and the feature story will be released in the January/February 2018 issue of Watch!, out January 23th. Scans and pictures will be posted as soon as they are available ; meanwhile you can enjoy the first pictures in the gallery below :

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Glamour US June 2017
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Glamour US June 2017

Rose is featured in Glamour US’ June issue, taking part in a series in which four actresses bared their current emotion : Rose chose “calm”. You can check her portrait in the gallery and read her short interview below :

“For the last couple of months, I’ve been filming in New York City. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and adrenaline here, especially after some very emotional days with a big team of people. I have to take a hot shower at the end of the day just to relax and feel subdued. Some people may perceive calmness as weakness, when it absolutely is not that at all. You have to choose to be calm in this chaotic world – without getting walked all over – and that requires you to have a backbone.”


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Rose Leslie out of her comfort zone
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Rose Leslie out of her comfort zone

Rose has been very busy while filming The Good Fight as a new photoshoot taken while she was living in Brooklyn has been released today by Monrowe Magazine along with an interview. Be sure to read it below and check the gorgeous pictures taken by Krisztian Eder in the gallery :

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MONROWE As Gwen Dawson—the youngest house maid at “Downton Abbey”—she secretly dreamed of escaping a life of service, and becoming a secretary (in the show’s very first season). In a memorable season six cameo, she returned to visit England’s best known stately home, as the wife of a rising politician, an eloquent feminist, and an ardent advocate for the education of women. In “Game of Thrones” she was the raven-haired wilding archer Ygritte, for whom Jon Snow broke his Night’s Watch vow of chastity—kindling an impossible passion that both characters would deny, even to themselves, until she died in his arms (toward the end of Season 4), while the wilding armies lay siege to the Wall and Castle Black, telling Snow one last time (with a broad Lancashire accent) that he “know[s] nothing.”

As for the fate and fortunes of Rose Leslie’s latest character, Maia Rindell—a recent law school graduate (from a prominent and enormously wealthy Chicago family, who’s secured a job offer at the law firm of her godmother, Diane Lockhart)—this may depend less on Leslie— or her versatile gifts as an actress, or even on the storytelling skills of Robert and Michelle King in creating an absorbing sequel to their long-running CBS hit series “The Good Wife,” and rather more on the venerable broadcast channel’s marketing bet that it can launch its new subscription streaming service “All Access” by luring the old show’s loyal audience (of 10-13 million regular viewers over seven seasons) back to the colorful political and legal world of Alicia Florrick (played by Julianna Margulies, who won three Emmys and was nominated for seven more in the role), but without Margulies’ beloved character ever actually turning up in the sequel.

MONROWE recently caught up with Rose Leslie by phone, shortly after her return home to London following some five months living and shooting the first season of “The Good Fight” in Brooklyn, New York.

Guy Lesser: So, is Julianna Margulies going to be lured into appearing in Season 2 of “The Good Fight” when you all come back to shoot next fall?
Rose Leslie: I don’t believe so. I don’t believe so. No—but, as a mere actor, that’s not something I would ever be privy to. Were you wanting to see Juliana appear?

Not necessarily. But when a character like Alicia doesn’t die, with, say—
An arrow through the heart?

There’s no closure to her storyline, and of course Alicia does periodically receive mention in “The Good Fight.”
True, true. But I loved the way they ended “The Good Wife” and left the door open— even if there isn’t any way that that she’s going to come through it. But it also reflects life, when, you know, you’re not too sure whether you are going to see an old friend again.

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Actress Rose Leslie showcases Spring’s deconstructed trend and talks strong female roles
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Actress Rose Leslie showcases Spring’s deconstructed trend and talks strong female roles

New day, new photoshoot ! This time it is online clothing store Farfetch which has released a new interview of Rose along with beautiful pictures taken by photographer Tom Craig.

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FARFETCH — You could forgive Rose Leslie for finding it rather trying to have the same 5 words incessantly yelled at her in the street – even if those 5 words are ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’ and came as a result of her stellar 3-year stint on Game of Thrones. But it turns out that Rose is so very nice as to insist she actually likes it. ‘It’s a lovely thing to be on the receiving end of,’ she says. ‘I feel so lucky, a, to have [a catchphrase] and, b, to be a part of a show that is universally adored.’ It’s a sunny spring day, but the east London warehouse we’re shooting in is so inexplicably cold that even a person who grew up in a Scottish castle (that would be Rose) is gripped by the chill. Still, she poses gamely around the freezing space to show off SS17’s key deconstructed pieces to their best advantage.

From the big fashion hitters to the titans of television, Rose’s ascent to stardom has come via some of the modern era’s most celebrated shows: her breakout role Gwen in the first season of Downton Abbey, then Thrones’ Ygritte, Wildling warrior and doomed love of Jon Snow. Now her flawless record continues with The Good Fight, the much-anticipated The Good Wife spin-off and a newly minted hit. The series follows Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart as she moves to a new law firm after her plans to retire fall through (she loses all her money in a Ponzi scheme run by a close friend); Rose plays Maia, Diane’s beloved goddaughter and offspring of the Ponzi schemer. Here, she shares style advice, reminisces about Ygritte’s costumes and tells us about Maia’s ‘pretty good fight of her own’.

Everyone seems to have gone wild for The Good Fight. Do you think that’s down in part to how very current it feels, exploring subjects like fake news and even opening the pilot with Diane Lockhart watching the Trump inauguration?

Rose Leslie: ‘Yes, and I’m certainly incredibly proud of the fact that [showrunners] Robert and Michelle King decided to be bold enough to take on the administration in terms of highlighting what they feel needs to be brought to people’s attention. In the pilot, I think that with nothing being said, you can project whatever your own feelings are to Donald Trump being sworn in. Diane Lockhart’s face is so beautifully blank – you were able to project whatever your own thoughts were onto her face and be like, “Oh my god, this must be what Diane is feeling.” I thought that was very clever.’

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Rose Leslie Reinvents the Role
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Rose Leslie Reinvents the Role

Magazine WWD has published a new interview and beautiful photoshoot of Rose who talks about The Good Fight – the show had its season finale yesterday and will be back for season 2 next year !

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WWD — Rose Leslie is branching out – and that’s not just because she’s just tried octopus for the first time. The 30-year-old Leslie is finally sitting down to a late lunch at Zuma in Midtown Manhattan, about to depart New York as her new show, “The Good Fight,” wraps shooting season one. It was the Scottish actress’ first time filming in the city and her verdict on it — and the octopus — is positive. Leslie, until now best known as Ygritte on “Game of Thrones” — she, of “You know nothing, Jon Snow” fame — has left the furs and battle scenes behind and is trying on corporate law for size, in “The Good Wife” spinoff “The Good Fight,” the season finale of which aired Sunday night.

It was brilliant to be able to go off in a whole new universe, even though [the characters] are familiar,” Leslie says. “There are similarities with the previous show, but you’re exploring completely different avenues and characters and seeing this woman whom you’ve loved for so long, Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart, falling off her pedestal. We’re really seeing her in a kind of free-fall, and that was something that really pulled me to the project — because she’s always been such an inspirational character to watch for women.

The spinoff, which has already been renewed for a second season, follows Lockhart as she seeks to start a new life after financial ruin at the hands of her close friends. Leslie is Maya, the only child of the friends, whose lies unravel in a Madoff-like manner. Much like “The Good Wife,” writers Robert and Michelle King focus the story lines of “The Good Fight” heavily on current politics and social issues.

There’s something incredibly bold and brave about it, and I highly respect the Kings for putting these issues at the forefront of the writing and the episodes,” Leslie says. “We approached the issue of police brutality, and then also of fake news, and just hopefully, as a result, a trickle-down effect. I’m really assuming this is why the Kings pursue this — to help the viewers, or to enable a kind of thought process that’s like, ‘You’re right!’ Once you’re reflecting society into our show, hopefully that will then project onto the audience, who’ll be like, ‘Wait a minute, your show’s based on reality.’

“The Good Wife,” which ended in May 2016, carried a strongly loyal fan base, much like Leslie’s previous shows “Game of Thrones” and “Downton Abbey.” “God, I’ve been so fortunate, actually,” she says. “Because [‘Thrones’ and ‘Downton’] were hits and so universally loved that I’ve only ever been on the receiving end of pure joy, when people are expressing the pleasure they derive from something like ‘Thrones’ or ‘Downton Abbey.’ You’re so energized by the story lines and by the worlds that you know that it’s real escapism for some of the fans. And, that’s an incredible, extraordinary feeling — to know you’re a part of something that gives people joy.” (source)