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Rose on ITV’s This Morning

Besides giving an interview on the radio, Rose also was on ITV’s This Morning today to promote Morgan. You can listen to her interview below and I’ve also started to add some pictures of her at the studio in the gallery. She looked gorgeous with her new haircut !


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New “Morgan” still and interview

A new lovely still of Rose in Morgan has been released, as well as a short interview in which she talks about her character, psychoanalist Amy :

In the gripping, fast-paced action “Morgan” directed by Luke Scott, Kate Mara along with Rose Leslie and Michelle Yeoh star in a a thrilling, visceral and intense movie-going experience that explores the dangers of reproducing a human being far more advance than its creators.

In “Morgan,” Rose Leslie plays psychoanalyst Amy who also has a strong connection to Morgan, though her love for it, is “narcissistic, because Amy is mirroring who she is onto Morgan,” explains Rose Leslie, who portrays Amy. “It’s a scary, double-edged sword in the way she loves Morgan because Amy sees herself in Morgan. Amy truly believes she’s embodying Morgan with a soul. For Amy, it’s all about possessiveness.

The judgment of all the team members has been affected not only by their attachment to their experiment, but by their isolation from the outside world. “They’ve all been in this bubble for five years, so their sense of reality is diminished,” says Leslie. “They spend almost all their time watching Morgan, as if she were in this exotic fishbowl.” (source)

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Gallery Update: Photoshoot in Marseille (2015)

Back in November when Rose was in Marseille where she attented the Hero Festival 2015, she was photographed by Florian Launette for the press. A few pictures from this photoshoot were in the gallery, and I have just added some exclusive new HQ ones. Be sure to check them here :

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‘BBC Breakfast’ Interview

Today (June 10), Rose was interviewed on BBC Breakfast to talk about the play Contractions in which she has one of the lead role, Emma. You can also see a clip of the rehearsals in the video below :


She was spotted later leaving the BBC Breakfast Studios in Manchester, be sure to check the photos in the gallery here :

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Sky Box Sets Club Event

As previously announced, Rose has attended an event to celebrate the launch of the Sky Box Sets Club in London today (June 8). She was part of a panel with Tanya Burr, Kevin O’Sullivan Alex Zane and Emma Kenny to talk about box sets and tv shows. I have added many HQ pictures and some MQ and LQ from Twitter and Instagram as well, be sure to check them in the gallery :

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You can also watch a Q&A that took place at the event :