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Kate Spade New York Regent Street Store Opening in London

On April 21th Rose attended the Kate Spade New York Regent Street Store Opening in London, where she reunited with Game of Throne co-star Natalie Dormer. She looked amazing in a high-necked black lace dress and dressed up with a funny funky boom box shaped handbag. HQ pictures of the event are now in the gallery :


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‘Hackney Showroom’ 1st Birthday Extravaganza

Rose was at an event last night to celebrate the first birthday of ‘Hackney Showroom’, a warehouse theatre and studio space in London. Several gifs of the party have been posted on their website here. Rose can be seen with boyfriend Kit Harington and James McAvoy.

You can now find screencaptures of the gifs in the gallery  :

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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Screen Captures

While waiting for news of Rose, I’ve added 266 HD screencaptures from the season 4 of Game of Thrones to the gallery. Reminder: you can also find screencaptures from Season 2 here and Season 3 here. Expect a new gallery update with old pictures of Rose at various events in the next few days !

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22nd Annual SAG Awards After-Party

Rose was sadly not on the Screen Actor Guild Awards’ red carpet last night (January 30) in Los Angeles alongside her fellow actors and friends, but she did attend the after party that took place afterwards with Kit Harington as the following fan picture posted on Twitter can prove. She was indeed seen at LAX with Kit Harington and Sophie Turner three days ago and was spotted out and about in Los Angeles with Kit the day before yesterday.

[Note: in order to respect Rose’s private life, pictures taken by paparazzi in which Rose isn’t posing won’t be posted on the site or in the gallery, except if they’re taken while she’s doing promo tours or attending events.]

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Rose supports « World Cancer Day »

In last August, Rose showed her support to Anthony Nolan, the UK’s blood cancer charity and bone marrow register, by taking part to the #IGiveASpit campaign which urged people to add their names to stem cell donor register. She talked about the campaign here, and you can find some pictures taken to promote it in the gallery here. She said :

‘So far I’ve never had that call to say I’m a match for someone, but if I did, I’d consider it to be the greatest privilege of my life. One of my closest childhood friends, Millie, was diagnosed with leukaemia when she was 19. At the time, Millie campaigned to get more people onto the Anthony Nolan register and I remember feeling so humbled by her bravery and selflessness. She had a stem cell transplant using the best possible match on the register at the time, but it wasn’t the ‘perfect’ match and she sadly relapsed and died a few months later. If there were more young people on the Anthony Nolan register ten years ago, my friend might have found a closer match and might still be here today. So, even if just one person signs up because of the #IGiveASpit campaign, they could be the difference between life and death for someone like Millie.’

On 4 February, Antholy Nolan is uniting with Breast Cancer Care, Movember Foundation UK and Cancer Research UK to raise lifesaving awareness for World Cancer Day. They have posted a picture of Rose showing her support by wearing a Unity Band on their twitter today.

CZuR9VRWIAErOAG.jpg large

You can know more about World Cancer Day here and here. You can also get involded by buying a band like Rose’s and donating money.

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