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‘Death On The Nile’ Interview for ‘TV Magazine’

A new interview of Rose has been released online ahead of the release of ‘Death of The Nile’. It likely took place a while ago when the movie was still set for a 2020 or 2021 release. Considering the pandemic and controversies surrounding the cast, barely any promotional content has been released since then outside of teasers and trailers. I took care of translating the interview from french to english so I apologize in advance for any potential mistake I might have made !

TV MAGAZINE. – What attracted you to Death On The Nile ?

Rose LESLIE. – I love doing accents! It helps me when the character has an accent. And I was even more seduced with Louise Bourget, who speaks with a French one. This woman gets carried away by the parties, those receptions where champagne flows, the glamour and the fabulous, almost decadent lifestyle of her employer, to the point of forgetting her condition. Before being harshly reminded, like a child being punished for having too much fun. Linnet stopped Louise from marrying the man she loved in order to keep her in her service. It created a lot of distress and built a grudge that could eventually lead to murder… It’s quite exciting to talk about and to portray. But the key point was the opportunity to work with Kenneth Branagh, I was convinced that he would do a fantastic job, he is an absolute icon of British theatre and cinema as well.

How did you prepare for this role?

I thought it was important to have the most authentic French accent possible. My older sister has been living in Nice for three years. It was a great excuse to visit her! I spent my time listening to the accents when we were shopping, or going to the supermarket, or dropping my nephew off at the nursery… I had read the book when I was young because I was always a big fan of Agatha Christie and crime novels in general. I tried to find some memories of it, but in order not to be too confused, I chose to focus on the script. That was my guideline.

What does Branagh bring to Agatha Christie?

He understands it. He brings new answers within the drama, combines the fascination we all have with the macabre and a sense of fun, a pleasure for the eyes – especially with the sublime costumes -, and an incredible work to recreate the era.

What kind of director is he?

His dedication is remarkable, and so is his efficiency. He leads us, turns around and, oh, he’s Hercule Poirot, without any apparent effort! He always stays calm, pleasant ; he carries us. On set, he makes sure to create a nice atmosphere, it was really a very joyful experience.

What does it mean for you to have been part of Game Of Thrones?

That means my marriage to Kit Harington! (laughs). I’m very happy to have been part of the adventure. After leaving the show, I realized the opportunities that this series gave me career-wise. It has been a great springboard and I am very grateful for it. I also kept Ygritte’s bow, it’s very special to me, it’s really a lovely memory.

Do you have a lot of conversations with your husband about your job?

Yes, it’s wonderful for me to be married to an actor because we talk a lot about our work, we both love our job deeply and it’s a strength to be able to bring ideas to each other, to understand each other, to support each other.

How did you experience the different periods of confinement? Did you manage to turn it into something artistically creative?

We were lucky with the restrictions imposed. It was just the two of us and we raised a little dog, it kept us very busy, it was a great distraction. At the creative level, hmm… We read a lot, walked, but no, in the end, we mostly trained this little dog! I discovered the importance of slowing down, how beneficial it is to take your time, to enjoy small things, to observe nature. . . I also realized that it takes a lot of adrenaline to live in London.

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