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Rose Leslie Birthday Project

Hi everyone ! As you may know, Rose’s birthday is on February 9th and this year, I wanted to do something special. It has been an idea I had for a long time and I’m finally trying to make it happen : to collect mails, letters, videos or arts made by fans of Rose from all over the world to wish her a happy birthday and send our love & support to her, gather it all in one place and then send it to her the day of her birthday. I wanted to make it as easy and cheap as possible, so I made sure that she would be able to get it online rather than by post, especially since she’s working in New-York. I can’t say much more about the details for now but the idea is that all content will be be put together in one file which will then be forwarded to her if all goes well !

If you wish to participate, it’s very easy : send any content you would like Rose to get at It can be just a mail to wish her a happy birthday, letters, drawings, pictures of something you made, a video, or several things at the same time – anything you want, but all original content such as letters and drawings would obviously have to be scanned and sent to me as a png or jpg file. You have until February 9th, 12:00 AM GMT to do so. It would be amazing if everyone participating could write their first name + which country they are from in the subject of the mail sent to me.

I hope you like this idea and will be many to participate ! I think it would be lovely for her to get a lot of love and support and birthday wishes on February 9th so don’t hesitate to send even just a mail you would like her to get, all participations, even small, will be important. Thank you in advance to everyone who is planning to send something ! – Emma

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